Student Stressors at GBHS


Gazette/ iIllustration/ DYLAN ROWE

A poll given on Granite Bay Today’s Twitter account had 37 votes and was taken on Sept. 25 of 2019.

Dylan Rowe, Senior Editor

For some, the years spent in high school can be some of the most stressful. 

Whether it’s school work, social status, college expectations or extracurriculars, the majority of high school students can agree that creating a balance between these tasks is difficult.

In today’s world, teenagers especially are plagued with the looming idea of college – and that reality means students are in a constant state of stress during the school year in order to maintain their grades for college admission. 

In a poll taken on Granite Bay Today’s Twitter account, the results showed that the majority of students face stress when it comes to their school work, the top stressor in the poll. The runner-up for amping up stress? Social issues.

School work is rightfully the issue that makes most people uncomfortable, seeing as high school’s main purpose is to educate students. 

The younger generation doesn’t get enough credit for how much they have to go through during their high school careers,

— Nick Parker

“The younger generation doesn’t get enough credit for how much they have to go through during their high school careers,” senior Nick Parker said, “The harder it is to get into colleges, the more stressed students will become.”

Half of the battle when it comes to mental health is how one students cope with it, and everyone has their own method. While these hardships are usually inevitable, a positive outlook always helps.

“When I’m feeling down, I like to go on long drives,” junior Beau Boyan said, “or I’ll hang out with friends and they’ll cheer me up.”

Along with school and college struggles, young people also statistically worry about how they are seen socially. Teens struggling with self image and acceptance isn’t new, though – younger generations have notoriously been insecure. 

“One of the biggest things I struggle with nowadays is being secure with who I am,” senior Bella Gennuso said, “and I feel like many people my age face this issue too.”

But it turns out that stress is something high school student have in common.

“The fact of the matter is that everyone gets stressed,” senior Ean Mayhew said, “and the most important part is how they deal with that stress and what they make out of it.”