Sink or Swim: Avery Oldemeyer race to the finish line

Building blocks, people say, a step closer to your dream, Avery Oldemeyer, freshman at Granite Bay High School is already there.

Swimming since she was three, Oldemeyer joined the Granite Bay High School water polo team. Not only improving her swimming techniques she improves as a person, making new friends, and learning the fundamentals of teamwork. Oldemeyer said winning and losing

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“Water polo has definitely impacted my perseverance and I have learned that you have to put time and effort and believe in yourself in sports and other activities.

— Avery Oldemeyer, a freshman at GBHS

games develops her personality and character as well as helping her create a balanced life.  

“Water polo has definitely impacted my perseverance and I have learned that you have to put time and effort and believe in yourself in sports and other activities.” Oldemeyer, a freshman at Granite Bay High School said. 

Oldemeyer manages to multitask by improving in water polo and her true passion, swim. While water polo practices take up a lot of time Oldemeyer stays close to her friends and excels in school. Oldemeyer has impressed many with her improvement and devotion. 

“I’m always impressed whenever Avery can accomplish a good drive not just by cutting people off but because she’s so fast,” Bridget Manke, a freshman at GBHS said.

Being named one of the most physically strenuous sports, water polo calls for a high level of concentration and devotion that few brave souls acquire. While severe strength is a necessity a calm and welcoming environment is guaranteed at Granite Bay High Schools pool deck. 

“Our teammates have an amazing support system, we never sigh or grunt when one of us makes a mistake, we give her positive feedback and point out what she did well in the game and during practices,” Oldemeyer said. “We switch who we pass the ball with so we can learn more about our teammates and form stronger bonds.”

Teamwork builds friendship and friendship builds strength. When you have friends on your side there is nothing you can’t overcome. Oldemeyer and Restani met this August and bonded over water polo. By putting friends first Oldemeyer has simultaneously created a no lose strategy for success.

“She 100% improves not just my performance but everyone on the teams, because she’s not afraid to pass the ball and she’s really fast. She has a good eye to see who’s open and who’s not. She’s a great friend too. She always has a good attitude during practice and during games,” Julietta Restani, water polo team captain and a freshman at GBHS said.

Friends aren’t the only fundamental to water polo, resilience on its own builds confidence helps overcome difficulty and losses. 

“Davis was our number one competitor and we lost to them in our tournament. Our coach trained us harder, we had learned from our mistakes, and never gave up in our next game against them,” Oldemeyer said. “It was close, however we eventually beat them 8-7 and that was the first win we had against Davis in 13 years.”

Swimming, bonding and winning is what Granite Bay High School’s JV water polo team is all about.   

“We have a joke on our team that we’re not a team, we’re a family, and I think it’s true for the most part,” Restani said.