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Senior Conduct takes its toll again

IMG_9188Christmas time is still three months away, but some students are already getting put on the naughty list. This list, however, is only for seniors, and it goes by the name of Senior Conduct.

Whenever a senior does something that causes ‘trouble, his or her name gets added to the electronic Senior Conduct list. This can prevent students from participating in school-sponsored activities such as dances, sports games, senior picnic, senior sunrise/sunset and even walking with their class at graduation.

“(These consequences) indicate to seniors that their expectations (are) to complete senior year in a manner that is conducive for grades and behavior,” said Granite Bay High School assistant principal Sybil Healy.
According to assistant principal Brian McNulty, seniors can get onto the list for lack of attendance, poor grades, negative attitudes and school suspensions. Participating in senior ditch day can also affect seniors if they have poor school attendance as well.

Before Senior Conduct was really enforced last year, more students had fewer restrictions.
“(Healy) followed through pretty thoroughly last year,” Advanced Placement Government teacher Jarrod Westberg said. “There will very likely be fewer seniors on Senior Conduct this year because last year was the real deal.”

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This year, however, there have already been a few students put on the list. Currently they are prevented from participating in all school functions up until the end of the year. Luckily for them, this can change.

In addition to improving behavior and academic responsibility, the student has to initiate and ask to be removed from the list in order to gain these privileges back. However, many students miss the opportunity to do this and are only aware of the restrictions caused by Senior Conduct.

“Unfortunately, (Healy) gets the stigma because she’s mean,” said Government and Economics teacher Jason Rath. “Why is she mean? Because she’s doing her job.”

Despite the fact that Senior Conduct prevents students from participating in certain activities, not all students are opposed to the idea of having it.

“It’s a good idea to encourage students to do their best,” senior Sona Jeswani said. “It’s just to prepare students for the future, and there are consequences for bad actions.”

As clearly stated in the title, Senior Conduct is only intended for seniors. As of now, freshmen, sophomores and juniors have nothing similar to restrict them from future school events.

Administrators, however, are working on a potential list for these other grades.

“We should do student conduct for all students, but we’re not that far right now,” Healy said.
This conduct will be called the Principal’s No-Go list, but the idea isn’t a no-go, even for some of the students.

“It’s good to kind of make sure kids are on track, but I don’t think it needs to be super, super strict,” junior Colette Curran said.
Fortunately for Curran, she will not have to worry about the no-go list being too rigid. The list will not be coming out any time soon because administrators are still trying to get it organized.

As for the Senior Conduct, upperclassmen were informed about it at the senior meeting on Aug. 19. They will be informed about it again when the spring semester starts in January.

Even those informed about the conduct do not always take caution.

“Most people don’t pay attention until it happens to them,” McNulty said.

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Senior Conduct takes its toll again