Review: Peacock’s new ‘Poker face’ is a royal flush



With 6 episodes, Peacock’s new Poker Face, produced by the same creators of the popular ‘Knives Out’, hit the platform on Jan. 26, 2023.

The cast consists of the lead Charlie, played by Natasha Lyonne, and other notable actors like Adrien Brody, David Castaneda and Luis Guzman.

Poker Face very similarly plays out like ‘Knives Out’ and you can tell from watching the episodes.  Each episode is like another condensed movie.

The episodes begin by showing chunks of detail but keep the full story from you until the show progresses.  From here, it’s obvious that the cinematography of the show is also from “Knives Out.”  Like when they recall the events of a murder, the camera doesn’t cut between the events of what’s happening.  Instead, it follows the characters’ movements by doing a tracking shot.   Instead of making it boring, I think it makes the show even better.

I like how each episode of the show has a murder that is solved by Charlie even though she doesn’t need to, but she does since she has the gift of telling when people are lying and not telling the truth.

Once she gets the hint of someone lying to her, she sets out to find the truth no matter what.  She begins to put the pieces together and eventually solves the murder.

She acts as a detective but with no credentials and solves the murders for the sake of the truth and honesty.  

As you travel through the storyline, you also travel around the country.  Each episode is at a different location, starting out by showing the backstory of Charlie, and then wherever she goes, chaos follows.  We get to see new murders and characters each episode which I think helps keep the show fresh.  

I feel like with most shows it can get boring and repetitive since it is the same characters, story and situations every episode.  Unlike them, Poker Face manages to steer clear of the cliche where it’s mostly the same characters and events every episode.  Instead, they make every episode different from the last.  

There is a bit of everything in this show, there are moments of happiness and relief but then there are moments where a likable character is killed off.  For example, in one of the earlier episodes of the show a new character is introduced that was likable but got killed off.  Which then left for Charlie to solve the murder.

One thing that I don’t particularly love about the show is how long the episodes are.  On average they run for just a little over an hour and by the time you watch two episodes it’s like watching a whole movie.  But there is a good reason for this, there is a lot of information that is needed to know in each episode.  

I think Poker Face is a great new spinoff of the movie ‘Knives Out’, it copies the movie in some points that I think really make this show stand out.  I’m eager to see if there will be more seasons coming.

I would give this show a 9.5/10. The plot is good; the show’s cinematography is outstanding, and the acting is believable.  My only problem with the show is the longevity of the episodes but it doesn’t make the show terrible at all.