Review: Outer Banks season 3 is a step in the wrong direction

In search of originality, Outer Banks has lost its core.

“Outer Banks” season 3 resolves old adventures and starts new ones.

In this brand new season of the hit Netflix show, there are a total of 10 episodes that run for an average of 50 minutes per episode.  Upon release, the new season got more than 154 million hours viewed making it the most viewed season in the show’s history. 

This season has been the most anticipated since it has been nearly two years since there have been new episodes.

The show mainly takes place in North Carolina but also travels to the Caribbean and South America.  This is similar to the last season but there are just a little more different locations in season 3. 

Like the last two seasons the setting of “Outer Banks” is utilized well. The characters are constantly in a paradise vacation setting but they have no time to sit back and relax.

The show still revolves around the main characters trying to find the royal merchant gold, but the added twist is that there is a completely separate treasure.  The show begins to steer away from the Royal Merchant with this new treasure instead. 

It feels like they added this so that they could build off of something and give the show some action.  It’s an obvious desperate attempt from Netflix to try and make the show more interesting when they don’t need to.  The whole point of the show is the Royal Merchant, which disappears completely when they bring in this new treasure.

I think that this new season was better than the disastrous season 2, but it’s obvious that season one is the best out of the three so far.  Another thing that I don’t like about this season is how it isn’t really centered around the group adventuring together. John B is out with his dad and the rest of the group is just wandering around waiting for the ending to come.  

I think they should have had more scenes together instead of separating John B from everyone. This disconnection makes “Outer Banks” feel unfocused.

Netflix has already announced that there will be a fourth season, which seems almost pointless because they already have resolved the things they needed too but I guess Netflix needs to suck the life out of this show even more.

 I would rate this season a 7.2/10.  I don’t really like this new season because it feels like a weaker mix of elements from the previous seasons. I don’t like how they completely steer clear of what the whole show has been about, the Royal Merchant.  Netflix better make season 4 amazing because they need to make a comeback.