Review: Krusteaz Snickerdoodle Cookies


About two months ago, I was at the grocery store in search of sugar cookie dough. I strolled up and down aisles, and ended up finding a box of Krusteaz Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough mix. I picked it up and checked out, hoping to make them as soon as I got home.

    Well, plans changed, and this box of cookie mix ended up sitting in my pantry until 2 months later when I opened up the door and saw them sitting there.

   Surprisingly, these cookies were quite easy to make. Similar to making brownies, the box came with a dry mix, and all I needed to do was add eggs, water and oil.

   After that, I opened up the package of cinnamon and started rolling the dough into it. 

   I’ll be honest, this part was messy, but it was worth it.

    20 minutes later, the cookies were out of the oven and ready to eat.

    Luckily, they turned out way better than I expected. These snickerdoodle cookies were a million times better than your average chocolate chip cookie. 

    Even with my amateur (or maybe below amateur) baking skills, the cookies tasted like something I would buy at Cookie Connection.

    Overall, I’m very impressed with how they turned out and will definitely be making these again soon.