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Opinion: Live Action Disney Movies

Photo Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but where are the dwarfs?

This is just one example of Disney’s subpar attempts at “improving” animated children’s movies.

The push to make animated classics into live-action films has become far more prevalent over the past few years. Who would’ve thought innocent Disney movies meant for children would spark such controversy?

The arguments and debates have tended to focus on Disney’s casting decisions rather than the plot of movies.

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A recent example was “The Little Mermaid-Live Action.” Halle Bailey was the actress that played Ariel. Instead of focusing on how effortlessly she played the role, many people were upset because a black woman was casted as a white Disney princess.

In my eyes, the issue that should be focused on is when producers and writers try to change the storyline of the movie in order to completely modernize it and make it appeal to the newer generations. Unfortunately, this often takes away from the original magic of the movie.

In “Mulan”, another past live action rendition, the main character Mushu (the dragon) was taken out of the movie. Although this creates a more realistic approach, it also takes away from the nostalgia that comes with the Disney characters.

Similarly, the ongoing Snow White live-action movie has focused on being more diverse and pushes for a compelling female narrative.

The rendition will not include seven dwarfs or a true love’s kiss. It seems as though it has become a completely different story, and doesn’t resemble a “fairy-tale.” Instead they vilify the original storyline.

In a means to promote inclusivity, dwarfs will instead be a group of “magical creatures” of all sizes and genders.
Many people believe this step is having a negative effect rather than positive. They argue that people with dwarfism have a small community and less job opportunities, so not picking them to play the role is non inclusive in itself.

Disney should definitely continue taking steps in order to make everyone feel represented and seen, but in this scenario the move is clearly backfiring and creating controversy.

The Seven Dwarfs will not be the only absent characters in the upcoming movie. There will be no Prince Ferdinand either.
According to Rachel Zegler, the actress playing Snow White, said that Snow White “won’t be saved by a prince.” She will represent a strong, independent woman.

Producers took the saying “love is dead” a little too seriously. A woman could have all of the remarkable and powerful qualities alongside pursuing a love interest when she is ready to.

The idea of a woman being perceived as “less valuable” for the sole reason that she is alongside a male lead is hypocritical to the message of female empowerment the modern adaptation claims to represent. It can also be confusing towards the young audience that the movie will attract.

Furthermore, if there is such a strong pull to create a film with a contemporary and “improved” storyline, why name it “Snow White?”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first animated Disney Princess movie. Rather than altering the events of a movie made in the past, directors should either change it completely or not change it at all. A film with an entirely different plot, should also receive a new title.

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Saihaj Cheema, Assistant Editor
Saihaj is a senior and Assistant Features Editor. This is her fourth year on the Gazette staff.

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