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Opinion: Grinch is the best Christmas movie

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie poster

   Imagine a place called Whoville, where the snowflakes fall like confetti and every house beams with more lights than a Hollywood premiere. It’s all candy canes and jingle bells, except for a creature that lurks up in the mountains- the Grinch. Many people nostalgically remember watching the passionate Christmas hater turn into a holiday enthusiast. This is why this heart-warming film is an amazing Christmas classic; it captured the hearts of people all over the world many years ago and still does today.

   This is a fun film to watch every year during December. I love every aspect of it: the storyline, the script, the cast, and the cinematography. Even though these elements may not seem so important, when they are put together, they create this magical and amazing movie.

   The storyline of The Grinch is a simple one. “The Grinch” is about a grumpy green creature who lives alone and doesn’t enjoy the Christmas celebrations down in Whoville. He makes a plan to dress up as Santa, go down to Whoville with his dog, and steal all the Christmas stuff. After he accomplishes his plan, he expects everyone at Whoville to be very upset, however, this is not the case. Even though he took everything, the Whos continue being happy. Seeing their joy completely changes the Grinch. He decides to return everything he took, and joins in their Christmas happiness. While this is a heart-warming movie, the lessons that this film teaches are important. It teaches important morals such as how people can change, how understanding others is crucial, the importance of being generous, and how Christmas is about love, not things. These important lessons make this movie’s storyline much more profound. 

   The script is terrific. It brings the grumpy Grinch to life and shows us how he changes. The funny lines make us laugh and the sad lines make us cry, and I think that is so wonderful. What is amazing about this movie is how it teaches us about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not just about presents; it’s about caring for each other. The script makes these messages crystal clear, and that’s what makes “The Grinch” so special – it’s fun but also uplifting, and a big aspect of that is shown through the script. 

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   Of course, this movie would be nowhere near as amazing as it is without the cast! This splendid cast brought this motion picture to life, and I personally could not imagine anyone other than Jim Carrey playing the Grinch. I think he did a wonderful job representing the grumpy character and did a splendid job portraying the Grinch’s facial expressions and mannerisms. Even though Carrey did not exactly enjoy playing the Grinch at times because he felt like he was being “buried alive” with all the makeup and costumes, he also reminded himself he was doing it for the kids, which helped to make it all worth it in the end. I believe that Jim Carrey did an amazing job acting as the Grinch! Many people also think that Taylor Momsen, who played Cindy Lou did an amazing job acting, and couldn’t imagine another Cindy. She stated on that she believes that “people love ‘The Grinch’ just simply because the core of the story is so sweet and it’s so heartwarming and it has such a good message”. In my opinion, no one could’ve done a more excellent job of portraying sweet Cindy Lou Who than her! 

   Cinematography is an important factor for any film. There were many different camera angles used in the movie, however, one that is incredibly hard to pull off is the Dutch angle. In The Grinch, The Dutch angle is used in almost every scene. This is very impressive because not many films can do this and make it look good. The reason why they used this technique is because everything’s off-center in Whoville: the buildings and streets are all crooked, so this type of camera angle fits the theme. 

   In conclusion, “The Grinch” is my personal favorite Christmas movie. I love everything about it, and there was clearly a ton of work that was put into making this spectacular film. I recommend everyone to watch this film during the Christmas season, as it has amazing life lessons and the movie is just so amazing as a whole!

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