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Opinion: Angelique Noire By Guerlain: Divine Or Discard?

Opinion: Angelique Noire By Guerlain: Divine Or Discard?

       I recently bought a fragrance called “Angelique Noire” (Which translates to “Black Angel” in English). I would love to give you my opinion on the fragrance!

       Let’s start off with the presentation, it comes in a  beautiful bottle with a small gold detailing on the back with a black lid. The color is that of a rosé with the slightest hint of a rich brown. The name “Angelique Noire” is written in a beautiful gold print along with the company’s infamous signature at the bottom. As for the scent, it has a very elegant hint of vanilla, however it’s not too overpowering. Overall the fragrance is a floral and fruity bombshell, with a touch of sweetness like sweet tea.

       The top notes in the fragrance are Angelica, Pear and Pink Pepper. Which creates a  balanced  contrast of sweet and sensual. However, this fragrance is more on the formal side, it’s certainly not something you wear at the office or school everyday (unless you are part of the French monarchy.)

       This perfume works wonders for formal events such as parties, weddings, exquisite dinners or romantic gatherings. I personally love the scent, the fragrance creates a soft, delicate and expensive ambiance. I enjoy perfumes that have a warm and mature side. But in an elegant style, it reminds me of something a Hollywood actress would wear. I only have a two millimeter bottle so I don’t wear it often, I like to save it for special occasions.

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       The times I wore the perfume, I received many compliments. So if you like exotic fragrances but also want to smell opulent, I advise you to purchase this fragrance. It’s significantly more expensive, so opt for a smaller bottle and save some money!

Quick Facts

Fact #1: Guerlain was founded in Paris in 1828. The founder of the $448 billion perfume empire is Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain. 

Fact #2: Unfortunately Angelique Noire is discontinued in U.S stores, and can only be purchased in  Paris, however they do sell the fragrance online on sites such as ebay, but even the smallest sample of the fragrance can cost as much as $20.

Fact #3: The creator behind the fragrance is Daniela Andrier, who also assisted Guerlain in launching the fragrance in 2005.

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