Music Review: Miss Me More

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January 28, 2020

This single album is one of 3LAU’s latest releases.

For a song I found off a website about the most recent released songs, I enjoyed listening to this song; especially since I don’t regularly listen to electronic pop.

The beat is consistent yet the melody changes accordingly without any awkward moments. The lyrics suit the music well and reverb in my head, especially the chorus “You’re gonna miss me more”. This song is definitely one I would buy off of the app store and listen to as I walk home and when I need some filler noise.

Something that today’s music doesn’t portray, “Miss Me More” has a great, yet mysterious story; The singer has broken up with someone, yet who is this someone? Why did they break up? Who called the red card, the singer or the singer’s ex? 

I feel as though that this song has a story that can be continued with another song or two, but with different tempo and beat (obviously); an album as so would be a relief from the constant drill of singles compiled into an album.

I did some basic digging, and discovered why I have not heard of this artist. The artist is a single person named Justin David Blau and he is a DJ who functions  mainly at festivals.

I was surprised to learn that 3LAU is based in Las Vegas and been DJ-ing since 2011.

Even more, 3LAU has gigs booked all around North America– Dallas, Vancouver, and Salt Lake City are a few examples.