Movie Review: The Predator


Twentieth Century Fox

The Predator (2018) is a direct sequel to Predator (1987) and Predators (2010). Many were afraid this film would be a reboot, however that is luckily not the case as this film does acknowledge its predecessors.

  I was really excited for this film as well as other fans of this franchise, as we haven’t gotten a proper Predator movie in 8 years. With Shane Black directing the new movie was seemingly a good idea, however this film was easily one of the most lackluster and disappointing films of the year.

  There are far too many things in this film that are hard to understand, the general story is that a young kid (Jacob Tremblay) accidently causes the return of Predators to earth by messing with some of their technology, he presses some buttons and the suddenly a battle is happening in their town. His father is a soldier and him and his team decide to fight the Predators.

  I cannot fathom how many bad choices this film made. Predator is sometimes honestly written as a comedy, not unintentionally, there’s barely any scenes of suspense, I think there’s maybe one scene throughout the entire movie that could be considered suspenseful In this scene Olivia Munn’s character has to go through some kind of decontamination process and to do so she has to get undressed and while this is happening there is a Predator in the next room and it’s coming closer.

  The movie is chock-full of quips and one liners and while the first movie also has a lot of those it maintained a better balance.

  It’s extremely difficult to care about any of these tropey one sided characters and they’re constantly throwing out random catchphrases in an attempt to be funny and it really doesn’t work out.

  You can never really get attached to the characters and you can never really feel afraid for them or worry about their survival because the characters themselves don’t seem to care as they’re too busy spouting jokes.

  One of the best parts of the first movies was seeing these bulky stereotypical macho men be genuinely afraid of this Alien invader, it made the predators that much scarier, if Arnold Schwarzenegger was afraid of them then I definitely should be. But we don’t get that with this new film and it is severely disappointing.

  Overall this movie is just a mess and a slap in the face to any fan of the Predator franchise, it completely derails itself from the previously established franchise and delivers on almost none of the things fans loved about the originals.