Movie Review: Ouija


Horror is one of my favorite movie genres, so naturally, I was excited to see Ouija. Plus, the fact that my friends and I have been talking about playing with a Ouija board for years made me want to see it even more.

I have pretty low standards when it come to horror movies- not because I think anything remotely scary is great, but because a lot of them are terrible. So, I wasn’t really expecting much when it came to Ouija and that was probably a good thing.

First of all, I know people in scary movies tend not to be the brightest people, but the characters in this movie seemed to be extra dumb. Debbie, the first friend to die, actually decides to turn the lights off when she hears strange noises. Shortly after, she gets possessed by an evil spirit, and hangs herself with the Christmas lights in her room.

All of this, because she had a strange obsession with an old Ouija board she found in her attic.
Grieving over her friend’s “suicide,” Laine, one of the main characters, decides it would be a great idea to try to talk to Debbie with the Ouija board that killed her. Great idea, Laine.
So, five friends of Debbie’s gather at Debbie’s house to play with Debbie’s ouija board, in hopes of talking to Debbie. Predictably, no, they don’t end up talking to Debbie, but instead some creepy little girl that has her mouth sewn shut, that ultimately curses them all.

The friends slowly start to die off. I felt like I was watching Final Destination, but with less detailed and more generic ways to die.

The plot was really confusing. It focused on the Ouija board and the angry spirits, but then it threw in some creepy doll, a dead little girl with an abusive medium for a mother, the really old sister of the dead little girl and the body of the dead little girl which just so happened to be in the basement of Debbie’s house.

It felt like there were too many aspects of a million other different horror movies just carelessly thrown into Ouija. It had no originality.

Honestly, the trailer was scarier than the actual movie. Actually, Toy Story is probably scarier than Ouija with Sid, the kid who put a dinosaur head on his sister’s Barbie.

So, overall, the movie was pretty disappointing. I was hoping for something a lot scarier with a plot twist that was actually surprising, instead of one that could be guessed from the very beginning. But hey, at least now I know that if my friends and I ever do play with a Ouija board, we should either prepare ourselves to be killed, or we can fist fight an evil little girl.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone that actually likes horror movies, because it’s not going to scare you. But hey, if you don’t like being scared, then Ouija is the movie for you.