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Movie Review: Meg 2

Promotional poster for Meg 2.

The best way to describe Meg 2 is 2 hours of bad CGI and a horrible plot.

I went into this movie feeling optimistic and hoping it would be better than the first one but I ended up being very disappointed instead.

The movie takes place in China where a team of researchers are exploring the far depths of the ocean for new organisms and, of course, megalodons (referred to as “megs”).

For a movie that is supposed to be based on megalodons, we hardly see them in this movie. They show up every now and then, but for the most part we either only see a fin or a CGI shark in the distance.

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A lot of the movie is useless scenes of fighting. Rather than trying to contain or fight the megs, they argue and have almost no plan. We hardly see any sharks – the “center” of the film for the whole movie until the last 30 minutes.

If they had made this movie more centered about the megalodons then it would have been better but that sadly doesn’t happen.

The budget for Meg 2 was $185 million and has made $390 million. Nationally, this movie made $81 million and $308 million internationally.

Meg 2 received a 28% rotten tomato score and an IMDB score of 5.2/10 which I think accurately portrays how bad this movie is.

For how big of a budget this movie had I don’t think that it shows in the quality that was given out to the audience. The script for this movie is poorly written and the creativity just isn’t there. There is a point in the movie where we see all 3 megalodons and the final scene takes place at a resort called Fun Island.

The fact that the best they could come up with is Fun Island just shows how lazy the script writers were when making this script, it feels like this movie is just a huge money grab rather than a good film for people to enjoy.

This is one of my least favorite movies that I have ever seen, the CGI is bad and the plot isn’t very good. I feel like whenever they brought out the CGI megalodon it made the movie worse each time.

I would not recommend for anyone to watch this movie unless you want to waste 2 hours watching a trainwreck. I would rate this movie a 1.5/10, everything about this movie was bad.

If they decide to make a third Meg I would not expect it to be any better than this one, I wouldn’t even consider wasting my money on seeing it.

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Brendan Alders, Editor
Brendan is a senior and Sports Editor. This is his fourth year on the Gazette staff.

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