Movie Review: Aquaman

With the striking visuals that the movie Aquaman brings to the screen, this DC blockbuster was bound to be popular.

  At the start of the film, viewers are introduced to Arthur — a.k.a. Aquaman — who is played by Jason Momoa.

 Arthur is half human, half Atlantean, born to a human father and an Atlantean mother, who just so happened to be a princess of Atlantis.

  From birth, Arthur was destined to be a hero, who would use his inherited Atlantean powers for greatness. So when he has an opportunity to use these powers in the search for an ancient trident, a few epic battles, and even a war against his newfound half-brother, adventure ensues for the soon-to-be king.

  While simultaneously struggling with his right to the Atlantean throne and fighting battles he hasn’t quite prepared for, there are times when it seems that the charismatic hero is bound to fail. However, after a multitude of trials and tribulations, Aquaman finds the trident, and takes the throne that is rightfully his.

  While this adventure that Aquaman embarked on was extremely visually appealing, in some ways the story line was quite flawed. The underwater graphics were incredible, so much so that its a wonder that the movie wasn’t filmed entirely under the sea. However, the plot was completely predictable at times, and not to mention quite cheesy.

  With old tropes like a sea princess with bright red hair and a battle of brothers for a throne, the film quickly establishes itself as a cheesy superhero film that can be thoroughly enjoyed if some of its plot lines are overlooked.

From the start, it is obvious from the start that rebellious princess and the surly hero are bound for romance, even including a mid-battle kiss with killer whales and sharks swimming all around them.

  However, as cheesy and predictable as the film may be, in some ways it is also incredibly charming. At the commencement of the film, Jason Momoa captures the viewer’s hearts, and rallies them behind his exploits.

  While the development of the film could be a bit shabby at times, its superhero story-line carries an entertainment value that is hard to beat.


Reviewer’s rating: B+

Movie Rating: PG-13