Movie Review: Abominable (2019)


DreamWorks Animation

Animated and sweet, this movie is targeted to children, but that didn’t stop it from being entertaining to older kids.

Sarah Rietz, staff writer

The animated movie, “Abominable”, exceeded my expectations. 

When I first saw the trailer, I made the assumption that the movie was just another random, animated kids movie with a mediocre plot line that would be easy for little kids to follow. However, after seeing the movie, I can safely say this is not the case. 

The movie was very entertaining, intriguing, funny and overall a perfect family movie.

The plot line was somewhat traditional, which is good for a kids movie, but the added aspect of the Yeti and the journey the main characters took made up for the average plot. 

Even though the plot was not deep, it is perfect for the audience this movie reaches out to. It goes into problems such as losing a parent, which is something that many kids have to go through.

I fell in love with the Yeti, Everest, and all the other characters such as Yi, Jin and Pang. 

The CGI of not only the characters, but the whole movie was spectacular – it was a beautiful movie. 

The detail in each scene made it very memorable. Also, the detail in the CGI of the characters really made them unique and contributed to the personality that each character was meant to be portraying.  

In addition to the CGI, I enjoyed the humor.

Pang made me laugh numerous times throughout the movie – as well as my nine- year old cousin who watched the movie with me. He could not stop laughing. 

One possible downside of this movie is the lack of romance. 

I love a good romance just as much as the next girl, but I really enjoyed this movie even without any relationships. All of the other wonderful aspects of this movie made up for the romance that wasn’t there. 

Overall, this movie was very well done. As a sophomore in high school, I would go see this movie again.