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Missing “Tribe” Leader


“I believe that we will win!”

  This chant is a crowd favorite at many Granite Bay High School sporting events, especially basketball and football games.

 The  GBHS student section, commonly referred to as the “Tribe”, is lead by three or four appointed leaders who are in charge of beginning cheers and rallying students.

  Leading these cheers this year are three GBHS seniors, Jack Willing, Joey Scotti, and Charlie Tooley.

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  During football season the leaders could be seen dressing up and leading chants for games, however, during basketball season one leader isn’t seen in the stands — he’s seen on the court.

  Tooley, who has played varsity and been captain for three years is an essential part of the Grizzlies’ basketball team.

  But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t miss the excitement of  directing the students.

  “Leading the tribe is so fun and such a great experience,” Tooley said.  “I miss it a lot.”

  While Tooley does miss leading the tribe, he has been able to gain some insight on how important the student section truly is, along with the inspiration that it gives players. .

  “I’ve gained a new perspective about leadership after being on the court. I learned that it is just as important to listen as it is to talk,” Tooley said.

  He is inspired by the very same chants that he leads at other sporting events.

  The two other leaders, Willing and Scotti, support Tooley playing basketball, although they did have to discuss how to proceed without him there to help lead.

  Before the season begun the leaders discussed adding a “Tribe” leader just to fill in for the basketball season.

  “We had originally talked about having an interim tribe leader for the basketball game but the three of us decided that Jack and I could get the job done,” Scotti said.

  GBHS Senior Brad Fina, who can be found in the student section of GBHS basketball games, agrees that the two leaders are executing their jobs well without Tooley.

  The chants that the leaders use get not only the players but also the crowd excited to be in the gym.

  “I like going to the basketball games a lot,” Fina said. “It’s fun to cheer on our team in the tribe when you know the players on both sides can hear you and you feel like you can make a little difference in the game.”

  Cheering as one group raises the spirit of all involved, and during basketball season a new chant emerges because Tooley is on the court and not in the stands.

  “My favorite chant is “Charlie Tooley” because that usually means Charlie has just made a great play and we’re winning,” Fina said.

  But that appears to be the only change in the student section.

  “Besides yelling his name when he drains 3’s, nothing really changes with our chants,” Willing said. “Besides not having him out there, having a good time with us, I don’t think there is a huge difference.”

  While the student section wishes it could have Tooley, he is dedicated to the team.

  “Roll out to the game this Friday,” Scotti said.


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Missing “Tribe” Leader