Lightning strikes with Black Adam


Poster courtesy of Warner Brothers Studios

Poster for DC’s new hit superhero movie, Black Adam

Black Adam is a new DC Comics movie that came out on October 21, 2022.  Upon its opening weekend Black Adam made $67 million and has made $250 million since its release.  Although it has made $250 million, the budget alone was $200 million.

Black Adam received a 90 percent audience score and only 40 percent Rotten Tomato score from critics.  That is a huge margin considering how high the general audience rated it.  I think there is such a big gap because this movie doesn’t really appeal to a critics eye, I think a critic is looking for more emotional appeal in a movie rather than a bunch of fighting.  I think that this movie is so well liked by the general audience because they aren’t looking to critique it heavily, they are looking for action and adventure which this movie delivers.    

Along with the rotten tomato score IMDB has a rating of 7.1/10 for Black Adam.

Black Adam has a run time of 2 hours and 5 minutes.  I found this movie to be a little long, I feel like it could’ve been shortened a bit because there seemed to be parts that could’ve been left out. For example when Black Adam is taken out of the movie for a bit it seems unnecessary considering he is the main character and he is supposed to save the day. 

Before I bash this movie I’m gonna talk about the things that I liked about it.  In the scene that we get introduced to Black Adam it showcases his powers early into the movie.  The first fight scene shows how he is bullet proof, can fly, has superhuman strength and he can generate lightning.

One thing to mention is obviously that Dwayne Johnson stars as Black Adam in this movie.  Other notable stars are Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo and cameos from Henry Winkler and Henry Cavill.  The Rock is usually known for being in jungle movies like Jumanji, but this is his first crack at being a superhero.  I think Dwayne Johnson did a solid job playing a superhero; he is good in the fight scenes and portrays Black Adam well.

I also like the look of this movie, the CGI looks excellent and when the heroes are using their powers during fight scenes it looks more believable than most of the CGI that is in movies today.

Now I’m going to talk about the things I don’t like about this movie.  If you watched the movie Shazam that came out a few years ago you would know that this movie ties into that storyline – kinda.

The way Black Adam got his powers is the same way that the main character in Shazam got his, but that is really the only way they tie in. It feels like DC tried to introduce Black Adam as a new character rather than create one.

Another thing that I don’t like about this movie is that Black Adam isn’t in the movie for a good chunk of time.

At the start and when we get a little deeper into the movie Black Adam is in it, but he begins to become so dangerous that he is taken away to a prison and we don’t see him for a while.  This threw me off because the main character of the movie isn’t really in the movie, instead he gets replaced with side characters that try to fill his shoes for a certain part of this movie.

Eventually he comes back to save the day and be the hero again, but I wish I had gotten to see more of Black Adam in this movie.  I feel like DC could’ve done more to make the storyline of Black Adam better; they could’ve given us more backstory about his character and more fight scenes.  

I think if they had done this they could have shortened the movie rather than drag it out to make an attempt to make it more interesting.

I would rate this movie a C+, I like the fight scenes and the CGI of this movie but I think it could’ve been shorter.  Other than that this movie gives you a lot of fight scenes, adventure and thrill.