Guide: Holiday Gift Giving

 Wondering what to get that one person that never gives you any gift ideas?     No problem, this guide will surely give you at least an idea on some good gifts that will sure put a smile on your friends and/or families face.

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Gift Idea Presentation:

Young Girls (ages 9-12)

 Girls ages 9-12 are into a lot of grown up things like makeup and Phones. You usually see girls in scrunchies with any kind of cute top.  

  1. Pop socket
  2. Scrunchies
  3. Lip Balms
  4. Makeup sets
  5. Lotions from Bath and Body Works
  6. Journal/Diaries

   Teenage Girl (age 12-16)

Most Teenagers are into the popular Tik Tok stuff including Led Lights and a Light Tripod. You can also find girls dressed in the latest style including, Vans, Air Force 1´s and Kanken Backpacks.

  1. Led lights
  2. Kanken Backpack
  3. HydroFlask
  4. Hair products
  5. TikTok Tripod
  6. Glossier Skin Care or Lip
  7. Record Player
  8. Vans Shoes
  9. Makeup Brushes

   Women (ages 18-25)

Ladies need/like productive gifts including Fit Bits and Apple Watches so they can count their steps and see

how active they are within that day. Most ages from 18-25 are in college so any kind of school journal or planner would be great for them.

  1. Air pods
  2. Fit Bit
  3. Apple watch
  4. Leather Journal
  5. BONAOK karaoke microphone
  6. Heating Hair Straightening Brush
  7. Suitcases 

     Young Boys (age 9-12)

Young Boys are into a lot of creative building things, or pretty much anything to play outside with. Legos and Nerf Guns are great for active kids. A Bike is also a great way for them to get outside and be active.

  1. Lego´s
  2. Remote control cars
  3. Gaming System (PS4, XBox)
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. Any Gaming System Games
  6. A Bike
  7. Nerf Guns
  8. A long board

  Teenage Boys ( ages 12-16)

Boys can be very unpredictable so the latest things that interest them include skateboarding and gaming chairs for their days off when they are Gaming with their friends. If they don’t have some sort of Gaming station I would highly recommend getting them one, whether a Ps4 or a Xbox that would be a great gift.

  1. Skateboards
  2. Punching Bag
  3. Weights
  4. Dart Board 
  5. Gaming chair

Men ( ages 18-25)

Guys usually want something that can help them be productive such as a Tool Set or a Philips Hair Trimmer. These can be great to help them in the future when something is broken or you need a nice cut.

  1. DEWALTS Tool Set
  2. Alexa
  3. Bluetooth Bose Speaker
  4. Philips Hair Trimmer Set
  5. RFID Blocking Wallet
  6. Phone finder Tile Mate

Presents for Athletes

Athletes are active, obviously so they can get pretty sore at times, having some device that can roll out your muscles and help you feel stronger can be a great present for someone that is super active.

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Stretch Bands
  3. Hyper Volt Massage
  4. Muscle Roller
  5. Hydro Flask
  6. Air pods
  7. Weights 
  8. Workout Forearm Wristband
  9. Fit Bit/Apple Watch

Presents for Artsy people

Artists always need some place to put their art onto such as canvases. An artist can never have too many paints, brushes and canvases. More supplies the better.

  1. Canvases
  2. Paint brushes’
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Journal Scrapbook
  5. Pen/Pencils
  6. Fun Colored Tapes

Presents for Outdoorsy people

People who you find outdoors whether its k=hiking or just going on bike rides always could use a HydroFlask to keep them hydrated. If they are a hiker you could gift them with a Camping tent or Hammock.

  1. Hammock
  2. Camping tent
  3. North Face jacket
  4. Sleeping Bag
  5. Ski Kit
  6. Mountain Bike
  7. Helinox Sunset Chair

Expensive Gifts

We all have that one person who is just so expensive to give. Looking for some gifts that will empty your bank account? Try buying a Peloton, the perfect bike for active people who like challenges. Not an active person, then go for a new Phone, perfect way to express your love to someone.

  1. New Apple Iphone
  2. Peloton
  3. Professional coffee and Espresso Machine
  4. Mini Refrigerator 
  5. 3D Food printer 
  6. Projector 


We can´t forget the Grandparents , they always deserve something special for the holidays. They charise the little things, especially if they are from grandkids, making a sweet painting or even some sort of quilt would be a great present. If you aren’t that artsy you could always go for the Kitchen Tool and/or Coffee maker.

  1. Kitchen tools
  2. Kitchen Books
  3. Coffee maker 
  4. UGG slippers
  5. Vitruvi Stone Freshener
  6. Anything made by grand kids (quilt, painting, a plate, scrapbook)