Food Review: Zócalo Restaurant


There’s something interesting about the vibe at Zócalo: a modern atmosphere, with Mexican cuisine that isn’t necessarily true to its roots, but doesn’t go as far away as Taco Bell. Walking in, it gives a refreshing sense against all of the non-traditional Mexican chains that Granite Bay knows and loves.

Going here gives me less of a reason to visit a taqueria, because Zócalo makes the experience far better than the typical taqueria.

I’d say the pleasantly presented plates of simple dishes, the high quality ingredients and a modern, Californian take on Mexican works very well.

Surely, one could visit the taqueria or Chipotle and get the cheaper price, but where are they going to find high-quality mole and properly cooked meat?

Most taquerias will give you decent, basic mexican cuisine. But if you’re looking for something more exciting, Zocalo might have everything you need. They also give you free chips and salsa at the beginning, and the warm black bean sauce has a deep, smoky flavor that makes you ignore how much you’re eating.

I’m not a first timer at Zócalo since I’ve been several times to the Sacramento location, which is more elegant and refined. But the enchiladas in mole from my previous trips was actually worth suffering the minor peanut allergy, until I ate too much of it.

For my most recent Roseville experience, I ended up getting the fish tacos. They’re fried in beer batter, topped with crisp cabbage and a delectable aioli sauce. They’re simple, and seem to be the safest and most consistent of all the dishes from my experience. Moreover, I can’t seem to find any better ones locally.

I highly recommend any of the carnitas dishes, enchiladas served with mole sauce, and any of the tacos. The ceviche is also excellent, but might not be for everyone. It’s more of a ceviche cocktail since it is served in a sauce, and it’s essentially a taco-building experience, or stew for soup fans.

Like any restaurant in an outdoor mall, it usually has it’s downsides. The Roseville Zócalo seems to have consistency issues; last time my family had dry and stale tortillas and cold dishes, instead of the warm, comforting experience that Zócalo is known for.

I also wish the menu had a warning of mole containing peanuts. My allergy isn’t deadly, so I was didn’t have any major issues with their enchiladas served in a Mole.

I’ll come back to Zócalo if I am ever in the area. Otherwise, I’ll be sticking with Chipotle, as it a very convenient way to get high-quality semi-Mexican food.

You can expect gourmet quality food, at a decent price, along with good service and ambiance at Zócalo.