Food Review: Trademark Pizza


The Chipotle of pizza has finally arrived. Trademark Pizza Company is quite impressive for its successful execution of an original idea.

Upon entering the restaurant I noticed quite a warm atmosphere. Long wood tables, multiple T.V screens and a pretty friendly staff created a nice environment.

I have came to Trademark before with a group of people, which posed a problem when it came to seating. The long wooden tables have several seats all adjacent to one another, however overall seating is limited – especially during busier hours.

The overall floor space is on the smaller side, and feels slightly cramped on busy nights. The ordering line can become quickly backed up as personal pizzas are created in front of you in line.

I created my own pizza instead of opting for one of nine pre-determined pizzas. Starting with five choices of sauce, multiple cheese options and a complete variety of meats and vegetables, the pizzas are completely customizable. More so, salads are also susceptible to nearly the same level of customization, making a healthier option available.

The toppings all seemed fresh and, quite frankly, pretty impressive in their diversity; unusual items such as sauteed mushrooms are available at no extra charge along with no maximum on the amount of toppings that can be ordered.

My pizza was thrown into their state-of-the-art oven for around 10 minutes until they promptly cut and handed me my creation. The 800 degree pizza oven definitely did its job as I have had to wait for my pizza to cool a couple of minutes every time I’ve ordered.

The food itself was quite tasty and in pretty solid proportions, enough to completely satisfy a slightly desperate hunger. The crust of the pizza is decent- a little crispy, but overall not my favorite. Trademark also offers gluten-free and dairy-free for those with allergies or preferences.