Food Review: The Mill


Noelani Nichols, Writer

Cliché as it may sound, sometimes taking the extra mile is necessary to achieve the best results – both literally and figuratively.

For me, this week’s objective was to find a café without the usual hustle and bustle of a coffee shop franchise.
I was lucky to both meet my goal, and have my expectations exceeded.

The Mill, in midtown, is a solo location café established around 3 years ago, offering coffees, teas, waffles, pastries and more.

Upon entrance, you are graced with a combination of soothing music, the sight of delicate flowers lining the walls, a simple and bright color palette and warm greetings via friendly baristas.
The inside area is inviting and relaxing, the bathroom clean and spacious and the back patio: filled with lush green plants, space, shade and soft natural lighting.

Sure, a good ol’ cup of joe isn’t particularly difficult to come by, but to find one with an authentic twist, delivered in an equally as delightful environment is both a gem and a rarity.
I was intrigued by the seasonal option: the Wildwood Flower Latte, and as one easily and shamelessly excited by anything “flower” related, naturally, I had to order it.

Perhaps the name alone was enough to win me over, but the quality and taste of
the drink was,indeed, another pleasant surprise. The floral notes amongst the housemade almond macadamia nut milk – which I had to specially order – combined to make a delicious and notably different flavor.

The only caveat, would be the portion sizes, not an issue for myself particularly but, proceed with caution, avid coffee consumers.

The blend of the calm and charming ambience with the quality of the food and drinks, convenient parking, free WiFi, and the kind and helpful baristas, made for both a thoroughly enjoyable Monday evening and a more-than-satisfactory work environment.

Though it stands alone, the cafe is surely no ordinary, run-of-the-mill establishment – all puns intended.