Food Review: Pieology

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Pieology Pizzeria

The Pieology Logo shares an explanation of the store’s studious name.

   “Pizza, pizza”, Little Caesar said.

   I’m sorry to say it, but I just can’t support that man. In my eyes, the only pizza in town worth my $11.25 (including tax) is Pieology, a build-your-own pizza joint on Douglas Blvd. in the Rocky Ridge shopping center.

   I’m a frequent customer of Pieology – it’s a great spot for lunch after school, and each pie is fully customizable. It runs similarly to Chipotle, giving customers the opportunity to hand-pick preferred crusts, sauces and toppings.

  I opted for the “PieRise” thick crust, as it gives a soft yet crunchy bed for the sauce and toppings to come. They put a swipe of olive oil around the edges of the crust, which helps it crisp up in a way like no other.

   Step one was the standard marinara sauce because I like to keep things bland and classic.

   The ricotta looked especially fluffy on this afternoon, so I decided to add it to the shreds of mozzarella to really change things up.

  I’m actually the CEO of PETA outside of journalism, so I skipped the meat options. That reminds me of their recent Twitter announcement about ending the use of “anti-animal language”, like switching bring home the bacon to bring home the bagels. A little dramatic IMO, but I will admit that I signed off on the tweet by the intern.

   The veggies were really my time to shine – where do I begin??? I went with good old tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers and basil atop a gentle bed of spinach because I’m iron deficient. (Hey PETA).

   The meat looked pretty standard, so I opted to get that puppy in the oven as soon as possible. Puppies are cute!

  It took a couple extra minutes to get that thick crust cooked all the way through, but a few scrolls on Twitter passed the time. Before I knew it, my pizza was piping hot and in a great recycled box, and it was mighty tasty.

  I saved half for lunch the next day, and I’d say it reheated in the toaster oven very well. It tasted just as good as when it was fresh out of Pieology’s doors, a win in my book. Thanks for the great chow, Pieology!