Food Review: Nektar Juice Bar

Nektar+Juice+Bar+lived+up+to+their+acai+bowl+hype. file photo/Shreya Dodballapur

Nektar Juice Bar lived up to their acai bowl hype.

   Nektar Juice Bar is famous for its acai bowls and when I went in, it did not disappoint.

   The juice bar had a quiet, calm ambiance that made me feel healthy just by walking in. 

The greenery on the wall was fresh and fun, just like the food.

   The cashiers were friendly and patient as I ordered a acai peanut butter bowl and charcoal ice cream. 

   The charcoal ice cream was as good as it could be for being dairy-free and sugar-free. I enjoyed eating it spoonful by spoonful, but I was excited and relieved when my acai bowl was called about five minutes later.

   The bowl was beautiful with purple smoothie on the bottom topped with granola, banana, strawberries and agave nectar. 

   I took my first bite of the bowl, and there was an explosion of tart and cold in my mouth. I loved it. 

   As I kept eating, the natural sweetness made the bowl delicious and guilt-free.

   I ate slowly because of how cold it was, but I enjoyed every bite I took. 

   After eating about half the bowl, I was full. I packed up the rest of my bowl with a to-go lid. 

   Overall, Nektar Juice Bar is a great, healthy option for when you’re craving something sweet. I’ll  definitely be going again.