Food Review: Karen’s Bakery


I admit I was really excited to visit Karen’s Bakery. I’d heard numerous good things about how tasty their goodies were, so I had some high expectations.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how warm and toasty the room was. It wasn’t a warm that made you want to turn on a fan, but rather a fireplace-warm that made you feel right at home.

The decor included adorable DIY, fall-themed centerpieces, pumpkins, cute bats, and orange leaves, and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

The bakery display was full of delicious looking desserts from lemon bars to decorative, homemade HoHos. In the next glass display, there were gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads and fruit salads. The drink menu had a variety of items that included coffees, flavored lemonades, and even wine. There was also another refrigerator full of more cold drinks, and all the prices were displayed on cute cards right below all the items.

When I walked up to order however, it took a rather unreasonable amount of time for the two people working to wander over to take my order. I was standing by the counter, watching the workers standing next to each other doing nothing as I waited for one of them to make eye contact with me.

The bakery is fairly roomy, and also has a large outdoor patio, neither of which were crowded at the time, but it still took a solid two minutes for either of them to wander over to me.

The service, after they noticed me anyway, was quite rapid, and the ladies working were very polite. The bakery is open seating, so you have the freedom to sit wherever you like.

After I was helped, I sat at a table near a window, where I had a nice view of downtown Folsom and enjoyed my goodies. There was nothing but soft music and delicious aromas being emitted from the kitchen.

First, I sampled a chocolate mousse cup. I must say that I am not a huge chocolate fan to begin with, but it had a really yummy cocoa flavor, and had all the different types of chocolate layered in.

Then, I had a lemon bar. I absolutely love any dessert that involves fruit, and let me tell you, this lemon bar was spectacular. The flavor was the right amount of citrus with a little tang. The crust was more gooey than I would have liked, but the overall flavor far outweighed the consistency.

Overall, I was ecstatic about Karen’s and I would highly recommend this adorable bakery. My entire experience was fantastic, but not nearly as good as that lemon bar.