Food Review: IHOP Waffles


When I walked into the IHOP, it was practically empty, however to be fair it was one o’clock on a Friday. My friend and I were seated quickly, and in turn were able to order the chicken and waffles we intended to share in just a few minutes after having sat down.

Before I knew it, the waitress had placed our meals in front of us, and I was tasked with taking a few photos of the food. If I had to describe the appearance of the waffles that I ordered from IHOP on that fateful Friday afternoon, I would say that they looked as if they were sourced from a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

To be fair, the restaurant was dimly lit, and did nothing to help the photo quality of my meal. However that certainly didn’t provide any encouragement when it came to the prospective taste of my meal.

I hesitantly cut up my waffles, leaving the chicken strips aside so that I could taste the waffles in all their glory before being paired with the chicken. Having cut them up, it was time to dig in.

To say that I was apprehensive would be an understatement. However, to my surprise the waffles didn’t taste bad at all. In fact they were delicious, and I savored every bite.

They were fluffy and light, and were sweet without being grossly sugary. They practically melted in my mouth, and when paired with the chicken (as intended) they were incredible. In short, they were delicious.

If I had one complaint, it would perhaps be the quality of syrup. It was the kind of syrup that had grown thick with time, and wasn’t exactly complimentary to the waffles. But hey, it’s IHop, not the Four Seasons, one can only expect so much.