Food Review: Gunther’s



Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop has been a Sacramento institution since 1940.

  In my quest to locate an ice cream parlor that wasn’t an established chain-like Baskin Robbins, I had to travel outside of the Granite Bay realm. I finally discovered one  – Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop.

  It’s in Sacramento, about thirty minutes away from us. I admit that’s a long drive for an ice cream cone, but if you ever wanted to step back in time, say sixty years or more, to find some great ice cream, this is the place.

  Gunther’s perfectly captures what an ice cream parlor looked like back in the 1950s. True nostalgia at its best. Old fashioned menu boards hang on the walls. Original “seafoam green” tiles which border the old wooden booths set the retro mood perfectly.

  The Fall pumpkin flavor ice cream was fantastic and made from real pumpkins. I also had peppermint stick, which was equally as fantastic. Pumpkin is only available until November while peppermint stick is always on the menu.

  While their prices aren’t cheap ($3.60 for a single cone), the quality and fun atmosphere warrants the cost.               

  Who doesn’t want to enjoy a pumpkin cone while being teleported back to the mid 20th century? I know I do.

  In a way, Gunther’s is more than an ice cream parlor. It represents our simpler past, a slower, less methodical time. Simply stepping into this joint is a breath of fresh air.

  With our incredibly fast paced lives, full of traffic jams, deadlines, and heavy workloads, sometimes we need a break. What’s better than relaxing with some ice cream? Not much.