Food Review: El Sombrero Cantina and Taqueria


Elliott Hyman

Local eateries like El Sombrero should be getting business instead of chains in our area.

  El Sombrero has been a staple for Granite Bay High students looking for an after school Mexican food fix since 2011.

  The restaurant is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall – my first two years of living in Granite Bay I was completely unaware of its existence.

  My discovery of it at a party that they catered was no less than life changing.

  Walking in, the first thing that hits you is the exquisite aroma of slow cooked carnitas and fresh made tortillas. The experience is completed by the Mexican music playing in the background as you hear laughter emanating from the kitchen staff.

  The decor is rustic and very authentic and it looks like most restaurants that I’ve walked into while in Mexico. It has TVs displaying soccer, a cooler for mexican sodas, jars full of homemade frescas, and streamers hung across the ceiling.

  The best thing on the menu is the Carnitas Super Burrito complete with beans, rice, a healthy portion of pork, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. There are always free tortilla chips and salsa to pair with every entree.

  You also can’t go wrong with the Super Nachos or Flautas (basically big taquitos).

  The one aspect of the menu that I don’t hold in particularly high regards is the seafood. If it’s fish tacos you desire, then Rubio’s might be the better option.

  They also carry fresh made fresca drinks – my favorite is the cantaloupe but the horchata is also solid.

  The small, family run restaurant provides a nice contrast to chains like Dos Coyotes and Chipotle. There’s always a satisfying feeling when you walk into a restaurant and your order is already known.   

  The menu offers a pretty incredible variety and overall is consistently good across the board.

  I highly recommend El Sombrero to anyone craving a taste of authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price.