Food Review: Do school meals make a tasty lunch?


Photo by Patrick O’Brien

The Burrito Bowl:

The burrito bowl is an interesting feature to the Granite Bay High School lunch menu. With very basic packaging consisting of a plastic container and lid, the food actually inside is a bunch of random things all clumped together. To be honest, it is definitely not an attractive looking dish, with the melted, plastic looking cheese on top, and the gray, bland looking chicken smushed into the bowl. The other things inside, like corn and beans are relatively tasty, but the cheese four out of five times is cold and unmelted, adding to the worst of the burrito bowl.

The worst part of the bowl, however, is the rice in the bowl. There is a lot of rice in the meal compared to the chicken, which is not a good thing at all, when the rice’s texture is incredibly slimy, and the taste is bland. The chips that come along with the burrito bowl, is what you would expect tortilla chips to taste like.

However, the salsa packet that comes with the chips is disgusting. It tastes really low quality, like the maker put a bunch of harmful chemicals together and called it “edible”. While the bowl is lacking a lot in terms of flavor, the full meal is probably the most nutritious out of the lunch choices and is probably the most filling out of the options.


Rating: 6.7/10


Pepperoni Pizza:

If you’re looking for a sustaining but tasty lunch, the pepperoni pizza is the best way to go. The cheese and the pepperoni are really high quality, not something you would typically see from a school lunch. Even so, it might be the worst meal from the school in terms of nutrition and how well it fills you up, even though it tastes good.

The pepperoni pizza has very little pepperoni on it, which is seemingly the star of the show, making it not have a lot of protein, which isn’t ideal for a starving student on a long 7-hour school day. It doesn’t help how it does not include a side dish, like the burrito bowl with tortilla chips, or the chicken sandwich with Kettle cooked potato chips.

The Pizza is also really greasy and fatty, which might make it taste good, but it isn’t very healthy. Overall, the Pepperoni pizza has a great taste, but isn’t the healthiest food to have here at school and will only keep you full for a solid 45 minutes.


Rating: 7.8/10