Food Review: Ding Tea


Mareesa Islam

Ding Tea’s Signature Milk Tea with 50% ice and 50% sweetness and black boba pearls, for only $3.75.

   With just the right balance of sweetness and creaminess, it’s the only treat that seems to truly brighten my mood, or catch the attention of my textbook glued eyes. 

   With its flavorful tea and chewy tapioca pearls, boba milk tea seems to never disappoint, and due to my deep love for this delicious drink, I can be fairly picky when it comes to choosing the perfect supplier.  

   That’s where Ding Tea comes in. I’ll admit, it wasn’t my first experience at this cozy, and simple, boba shop, but my frequent return goes to show just how excellent this place truly is.

   For only $3.75, I ordered the Signature Milk Tea with black pearl boba, 50% ice and 50% sweetness. 

   One feature of Ding Tea that I truly admire, is the customer’s ability to personalize their drink. 

   By adjusting the ice and sugar levels, you can ensure that you get the customized drink perfect for you.

   On normal occasions, Ding Tea acts as a popular hang out spot and is usually bustling with visitors eager to receive their boba fix. So although I was not able to experience the shop’s lively ambience due to the current situation, I still thoroughly enjoyed my boba milk tea.