Food Review: Cielo Acai Cafe


Mareesa Islam

Fruity and coconut-y, this acai bowl was a delight.

Acai bowls are a great way to feel fulfilled and healthy at the same time. Located in Roseville, Cielo Acai Cafe did just that.

As soon as I entered the cafe, I was welcomed by the smell of fresh fruit and the sound of light music, creating a calm ambiance. 

The room was stylishly decorated with succulents, aesthetic chalkboards, and simple patterns lining the walls.

From a short glance at their elaborate menu, I could tell that Cielo Acai Cafe offers a wide selection of items, ranging from acai bowls to the famed avocado toast.

I chose to order a medium Coconut-Berries Acai Bowl and was highly impressed with the result.

This bowl consisted of an acai blended smoothie, topped with strawberries, blueberries, banana, coconut shavings, and granola.

At first bite, I was surprised to find a thin layer of granola lining the bottom of the bowl, but was soon satisfied by the extra crunch it added.

The shredded coconut topping the bowl added a rich, nutty flavor that complemented the sweetness of the acai itself.

In addition, the medium sized bowl was larger than expected, so I was able to take some home to enjoy later.

The one thing I wish was different about my experience at Cielo Acai Cafe was their insufficient customer service. 

The cashier was polite, however, I did not feel that they made an effort to make me feel welcome or start a conversation. We simply conversed about my order and that was the end of our dialogue.

Despite this minor setback, my experience was nothing shy of delightful. The acai bowl was extremely tasty and the cafe felt comfortable and homely. I would not have to think twice about returning to Cielo Acai Cafe again.