Food Review: Cabos Restaurant


Photo Credit: Neeta Lind, Creative Commons 2.0 Generic

Cabos. Your average Mexican restaurant and nothing much more than that. In fact, it was rather disappointing. While I am a huge fan of quality Mexican food, there was no wow factor which appealed to me like many other Tex-Mex restaurants have done previously.

Upon entering, I was quickly greeted and seated to a table for a large amount of people. While it was a Sunday night, it was awfully quiet which was very relaxing. Even if the restaurant was busy, I have a hard time imagining it being even close to full. The dining area was huge, and possibly even big enough to accommodate a second restaurant if they really wanted to.

I attended Cabos with a rather large group, but since there wasn’t more than 3 groups in the rest of the restaurant, I am not awarding any redemption points for poor food quality because of a busy night.

On top of that, I am not accepting poor service which was also evident. The waiter was serving a large group but there wasn’t anybody else in Cabos! Asking for a refill was one of the most irritating things I had to do, especially when I was paying extra money and tip to sit down and have table service.

One good part about attending with a large group is the ability to try several different things.

To start, I ordered shredded beef taquitos, served with sour cream, guacamole, chips and salsa. The taquitos were very good, but they came absolutely drenched in sour cream and guacamole. Although I love both items, it drew from the flavor of the taquitos.

In addition to the taquitos, I ordered street tacos, one of my personal favorites. The wonderful combination of fresh carnitas with fresh onions and a little squeeze of lime is one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

There are out of the ballpark tacos, and then their are the bad or average tacos. Cabos’ street tacos were far from out-of-the ballpark, and if I had to compare it to out-of-the ballpark, it would be an infield single. They were average at best. The carnitas are supposed to be dry in texture but full of flavor, which was highly lacking.

One thing that impressed me, though, was the chips and salsa. One thing that people tend to overlook is the flavor of tortilla chips. I grew up with a lot of Hispanic cooking, and know good tortilla chips when I have them. These chips were fresh, and had just a hint of lime, which made for a good chip you didn’t need to cover in salsa like most other Mexican restaurants.