Food Review: Bacon and Butter



Bacon and Butter served delicious and starchy goodness when Elliott Hyman paid them a visit for brunch.

  Bacon and Butter is the best brunch place in the Sacramento area. I know that’s a bold statement, but I can back it up.

  I’ve made the 30-minute trek to Sacramento many-a-morning only to stand in the cold for 30 more minutes – you see, if you don’t want to wait in line for an hour you have to get there at 7:30, an hour before opening at 8.

  If that doesn’t tell you people like it, then take a look at the employees and clientele – hipsters, hipsters everywhere. Hipsters have their pros and cons but one indisputable fact is that they know their food, and they come to Bacon and Butter in droves.

  It takes an effort to eat at Bacon and Butter between the drive and wait for a seat, but it delivers on every promise.

  The difference between B & B and most breakfast places is immediately clear because, as my grandmother said: “you can always judge a breakfast place by its coffee”, and they have great coffee.

  The restaurant has a cute interior and exterior with a trendy, yet comfortable vibe.

  The menu is filled with incredibly creative options but specializing in the savory realm of things.

My grandmother said: “you can always judge a breakfast place by its coffee”, and they have great coffee.

— Elliott Hyman

  Some of my personal favorites include all of their hashes, the biscuit sandwich, and the chicken & waffle. However, the must-get dish for newbies is the grilled cheese benedict.

  Let that sink in for a second. Grilled cheese for breakfast. Every time I get one, it feels like I’m doing something wrong, almost an affront to societal values concerning what constitutes breakfast and what doesn’t.

  Basically, it’s one of the best-grilled cheeses you’ve ever had, on a challah loaf, topped with bacon, hollandaise, and two perfectly poached eggs. It is a perfect “treat yourself meal” for when you are feeling particularly glutinous.

  While it might at first seem excessive, the coupling between the hollandaise top with the cheesy interior works incredibly well and it’s the meal that keeps bringing me back again and again.