Fantasy Football Punishments at GBHS

With sports like basketball, football and hockey going on right now, the fantasy leagues for these sports are as well.  Along with these leagues come a punishment for the person who places last.

Some notable ones are spending 24 hours in a waffle house, taking the SAT, getting a tattoo and so much more.

There are leagues that you can join that don’t have a punishment for placing last, but you are in a league with people you don’t know.  That’s why big friend groups start a league together so they can play against each other.

But the consequence of this is having a punishment for last.  The people in the league propose an idea for a punishment and then they collectively agree on one.

One of the most popular ones that leagues use is putting a person in a dog cage and everyone from the league gets to dump whatever they want on the person.  

When these punishments are implemented into leagues, they motivate people to try their best in the league because they know what faces them if they get last. 

“I have been doing fantasy football and basketball leagues for a long time now, but in the last few years we started implementing punishments. One of my leagues includes the hot chip challenge, where the loser has to eat an incredibly spicy hot chip,” senior Matthew Samson said.

Another punishment that is well-known is getting locked in a dog cage and getting multiple foods dumped on you.  

“The loser gets locked into a dog cage, where people can dump things like applesauce, mustard, mayonnaise and many other things. We have 14 people in our league, so the other 13 people get to pick 2 items of their choice to dump on the loser,” senior David Craven said. 

However, this wasn’t the only possible choice for the punishment for his league; there were other ideas as well.

“One of (the punishments) was getting a tattoo, but I turned it down because a tattoo is permanent,” Craven said. 

There could be punishments that can be considered extreme, like getting a tattoo, but there are online leagues you can join that have no punishments and you just play for fun.

“I don’t play in a league with punishments because I don’t have enough people in my league,” junior Sriyesh Senthil said.

Instead of a punishment for Senthil’s league, there is cash on the line.

“I think that there are some that are too extreme, like too much money but that’s about it,” Senthil said. 

If someone didn’t want to have to do a punishment, implementing a cash only league could be a better option.  Then everyone in the league wouldn’t have to fear the punishment for last place.

“I have heard about someone getting their head shaved as punishment, but if they don’t want to do it, the buyout is 225 dollars,” junior Spencer Evans said. 

This is the first we have heard of a buyout, which is interesting. $225 is kind of a lot, but we guess it could be better than having your head shaved.

Despite this, most of the time people in a league like to implement punishments because it is more exciting and also entertaining to watch the person in last place forced to do the punishment.

Whether it’s getting put into a dog cage, having a cash punishment or shaving your head, one thing’s for certain: fantasy football punishments will always be crazy and outlandish.