Fan of the Month: Ethan Birch



Ethan Birch gets encouraged when others show up at his games, so he shows up at games to give other players the same kind of rush!

  Senior varsity Baseball player, Ethan Birch, exemplifies every aspect it takes to be a true Grizzly fan. Being a Granite Bay athlete himself, Birch appreciates when members of the GBHS student body attend his games, so he loves to return the favor.

  “When people come to my games it creates a certain kind of energy that helps us play better,” Birch said. Personally I love when people show up to our games.”

  Birch attends as many games as he can throughout the year, so he can show Grizzly pride, and his respect for all GBHS sports.

  “I went to all of the football games, a girls soccer game, a boys soccer game, a girls basketball game, and a boys basketball game so far,” Birch said. “I plan on going to more soccer and basketball games as the season continues.”

  Birch finds the GBHS basketball games to be the most enjoyable. The lively spirit the Tribe has when they get to see the players up close is what makes the game his favorite.

  “Basketball games are my favorite because we get to be so close to the action and the energy is a lot higher than any other school sport,” Birch said.

  “My favorite game of this year was the Unified Sports Basketball game. It was really nice to see all of the special education students have fun,” Birch said.

  His older brother, Michael Birch,  also played varsity baseball so he was able to be a part of the school pride long before he was a freshman.

  “I went to a few football and basketball games when I was in junior high, and mostly all of the baseball games because my older brother was playing,” Birch said.

  Although Birch attends as many Granite Bay games as he can, he remains a sports fan at home as well. Birch enjoys watching professional sports at home and has a few teams he likes to root for.

  “My favorite team to watch in the NBA is the Sacramento Kings and for the MLB I enjoy watching the San Francisco Giants,” Birch said. “I don’t really have a preferred football team.”

  Birch’s Grizzly pride is a perfect example of our school’s lively spirit.

  “My favorite thing about GBHS sports and school pride is how passionate the student body is,” Birch said.