Connecting Through the Disconnect: The Filipinos of GBHS explore Filipino American History Month


Chloe Docto

(Left to right) Raphael Reburiano, Sabine Kanz, Chloe Docto, and Lily Marzan gather to discuss Filipino American History Month.

    Welcome to Connecting Through the Disconnect, where your host Chloe Docto and her guests get into discussing topics of disconnect in the Granite Bay High School Community. Every week this podcast will be hosting a discussion focusing on the aspects of campus which may not particularly be common knowledge covering everything from specific cultural events to the teenage psyche. Look forward to a new episode every week.

    In the first episode of Connecting the Disconnect, I invited Sabine Kanz, Lily Marzan and Raphael Reburiano, all part of the Filipino community of Granite Bay High School, to comment on their experience as Filipino Americans in light of Filipino American History Month.