Food review: Coffee Republic


Everyone loves a coffee shop. But many of them are overpriced and overrated. However, Coffee

  Republic is not one of those places.

  Coffee Republic offers a variety of coffees, teas and food items that can cater to almost anyone.

  There were countless abstract pieces of art hanging from the walls which gave it a bohemian vibe.

  As soon as I walked in I noticed that majority of the people there were working or typing away on a laptop.

  As I contemplated what to order, I was drawn to the Seasonal Teas menu.

  The menu offered a variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated options as well as their new “coconut teas.”

  After browsing the menu, I decide on the lime mango mint tea and the pesto turkey sandwich.

  My tea came only a few minutes after I ordered it, however the sandwich took around 20 minutes.

 To my surprise, the sandwich was well worth the wait.

 It was so big, I could barely fit it in my mouth. It was warm, the cheese was melted and sauces were basically dripping out the sides.

 The sandwich consisted of sourdough bread, turkey, bacon, mozzarella, tomatoes, bacon, pesto and mayo.

  I almost finished the whole thing and was so full I couldn’t possibly eat another bite.

  The sandwich was $11.00, which for some is a little expensive.

However, you got what you payed for, because of the size and quality of the sandwich.

  My tea was also very good and unlike Dutch Bros and Starbucks, Coffee Republic didn’t fill the cup entirely with ice.

  It was still very cold, but there was a lot of tea in the cup.

  That’s why I believe the price of $4.50 for the tea is a good deal.

  The service was decent even though the place was very crowded due to the fact that I went around lunch time.

  All of the waiters, waitresses and cashiers were very kind and helpful as well.

  The cafe itself was very accommodating to the many people who were visiting.

  Many of the tables have outlets very close to them giving the option to charge a phone, laptop or other electronic device.  

  There was also a lot of outdoor seating with misters above so you could stay cool.

  Overall, I loved my experience at coffee republic.

  With the good food and drink and exemplary service, I will definitely be coming back.