Chick-fil-A: food review

“Crunch” I bit into the savory, delectable chicken nugget. 

Without going to Chick-fil-A many can tell by the mile long line that it is a popular stop. I arrived at the Chick-fil-A located at 4040 Douglas Boulevard around 7:00 which is the highest point of traffic for Chick-fil-A. While the line was long I was surprised to have arrived at the front of the line in seven minutes. 

The steamy hot waffle fries called out my name as we were on the drive home and I couldn’t resist a taste. The waffle fries had an amazing texture, having little holes throughout. While waffle fries are the main attraction to Chick-fil-A I found it bland. While the fries lacked flavor I still enjoyed them very much. 

We arrived home shortly and I analyzed the superb packaging, little games along the bag and separate packaging for each food ordered. 

I bit into the deductible chicken nuggets only desirable from Chick-fil-A. My mouth watered just opening the delicately sealed box containing 5 bite sized chicken nuggets. Since I ordered a kid’s meal, the chicken nuggets were small but they didn’t overlook any flavor. The chicken nuggets were moist inside which left me craving more long after I had finished. 

Finishing off my meal, I took my spoon and grazed it across the fluffy, pearl white vanilla ice cream. I found nothing in particular special about the ice cream, however, it was delicious. 

Many of Chick-fil-A’s regulars know that every Sunday the doors are closed due to church Sunday. Being a Christian myself I appreciate this business plan and even more respect the way Chick-fil-A is run. 

By the end of the dinner I had devoured my meal and enjoyed each piece of it. My sister and mom equally loved their meal and I was hopeful for another visit soon. Bonding together the meal formed a guaranteed irresistible, delicious meal. Overall I would give Chick-fil-A a 9/10 on their kids meal.