Brazilian steakhouse: Fogo de Minas


Photo Illustration by Jonathan Thornburg

One of the waiters came by the table, and cut a slice of fresh steak for everyone at the table.

The flavor of the Brazilian food in the heart of Sacramento, this is what describes the Brazilian Steakhouse, Fogo de Minas. 

Many people don’t know about the culinary background of Brazilian culture. Some mistake Brazilian food for Mexican food. But, Brazilian food is a lot more intricate than what you think. If you enjoy a good fresh barbecue steak, you should dine at Fogo de Minas. 

As I entered the steakhouse, I was instantly hit with a mix of smells coming from the different meats on the charcoal grill. The sound of relaxing, yet mesmerizing Brazilian music makes you immerse in the atmosphere of a typical Brazilian restaurant. Whilst I sat down, the waitress explained the different types of menus they offered: The Lunch Full Rodizio Meat, which includes an all you can eat salad bar, along with an unlimited amount of meat. And, the second option, which is just the all you can eat salad bar, if you’re not a meat lover. I chose the first option.

The first meat I chose to eat was lamb. The presentation made the lamb look appetizing, but the presentation did not make up for the taste. The lamb’s texture was soft and unnecessarily chewy. The lamb smelled like grass, which seemed weird for something such as lamb. The lamb itself was distasteful. Though it was juicy, it had an intense flavor of aged mint tea. Though the lamb wasn’t extraordinarily appetizing, the other meats did make up for the terrible taste of the lamb.

The second meat I chose to eat was the top sirloin. The presentation made the meat itself look incredible, as all the meat in the steakhouse did. It was perfectly cooked to medium rare, with a perfect pink center, along with a hint of red. This meat, however, was the greatest meat presented throughout the experience of this steakhouse. This steak was juicy, and had an obvious taste of juicy meat, along with a hint of salt. When these two flavors bonded, it would immediately melt in your mouth. Its texture was soft, and easy to chew. The combination of both the flavor, and texture make the steak itself stand out.

The third meat I chose to eat was chicken wrapped in bacon. The presentation of this meat was decent. However, after taking a bite out of the chicken instantly made me change my mind. Chicken usually tends to be dry, but this chicken was different. It was juicy and soft, while the bacon was crunchy. The three of them combined make a perfect combination. 

Jonathan Thornburg

As I was finishing up my experience with the entree I was given a Brazilian Soda called Guarana. This soda has a sweet fruity flavor, along with a golden-caramel color. Though this soda is carbonated, it’s incredibly delicious and it’s a must have while you are dining at the steakhouse.

Each person at the table has a small circular sign next to them describing whether or not they want to keep getting food or not from the waiters.

As a side note, it’s also important to note that the steakhouse offered a complimentary cake, or cheesecake on special occasions such as birthdays. 

As I finished eating at the steakhouse, I felt extremely satisfied with the food I ate, and with the customer service. I plan on going back to this steakhouse in the future, and I would recommend that you eat at this steakhouse. Overall, I’d score this steakhouse a 9/10 regarding taste, and a 10/10 regarding customer service.