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Athlete of the Month: Sepehr Hojati Dominates the Mat

Photo courtesy of Sepehr Hojati

   Throughout his career as a wrestler, Sepehr Hojati, who is a senior varsity wrestler has dominated the wrestling mat along with assisting his team to advance all the way to the Sections Tournament for Granite Bay.

   Thriving in Wrestling since the 7th grade, Sepehr got serious with wrestling when his older friend who was in eighth grade was already in wrestling. Sepehr has put in years of hard work and dedication while looking up to his 2 older brothers as role models and overall motivators in his life. 

   “My two brothers were my biggest role models when getting into wrestling,” Sepehr Hojati said.

   Even though wrestling is more of an independent sport, each member must fight for points from different matches to help the team placement in the competition to score higher. Sepehr includes his teammates in positive sportsmanship and constantly has people looking up to him when performing.

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   “I feel some of the greatest values on the wrestling team are being a unit and supporting each other, especially during tough matches,” Hojati said.

   Levi Bussey, who is one of the players on the varsity wrestling team, feels Sepehr provides hard work on the mat and helps other teammates understand how to grow and thrive in wrestling when they need it the most. Overall he feels Sepehr just brings good vibes and a positive attitude wherever he goes.

   “After a tough loss to an opponent one of the younger teammates on the team was feeling down and Sepehr went to him after the match and really just talked with him and reassured him that you can always get better and improve,” Levi Bussey said.

   Preparing your mind and body before a tough match can be difficult, but Sepehr believes that following your fundamentals and staying focused are the key components to success in wrestling.

   “I think the best way to prepare myself before focusing on the game plan and following the fundamentals of wrestling while knowing that I can’t lose,” Hojati said.

   In the offseason, Sepehr spends most of time preparing for the next season by eating healthy and keeping his body in a strong and healthy state. As well as practicing certain moves with his brothers to strive for a better performance and improve for the next season.

   “I mostly prepare for wrestling through dieting and exercising in the offseason to prepare and get better for the next season,” Sepehr Hojati said.

   Overall Sepehr believes that one of the most important things about being a student athlete is having a good balance between homework/studying for tests and how you prepare for wrestling.

   “I try to have a good balance between school and wrestling in order to have the best outcome in both situations,” Sepehr Hojati said.

   Even when Sepehr seems like he’s in a tough spot or feels down during a tough match, he always finds a way to bounce back and have a positive outlook for the match. To always be positive and have a funny attitude is what Levi feels is one of best things about having Sepehr as a teammate.

   “His ability to keep going through a tough match or practice and being able to regroup and bounce back to have a really good mindset overall,” Bussey said.  

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