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Tobey Jennings

What inspired you to become a Grizz Nation Leader?

“School spirit because it impacts everyone … a school with no spirit would be super boring.”

As Grizz Nation leaders you have said you are going to make a point to show up for all sports this season, why do you think that is important?

“As Grizz Nation leaders we all play different sports. We played basketball, volleyball, soccer and football … everybody has their own thing that they do. It shows bringing people out and getting them immersed into different sports.”

Has there ever been a time where you felt extremely supported playing your sport and does that inspire you to show up for all sports teams to help them feel that way?

“This year will be my first year playing volleyball and basketball. With basketball it’s a big crowd, but with volleyball we don’t have a big crowd, so when we do have a good amount of people it makes it so much more fun to play and you actually feel like you are playing for something.”

What does it mean to be a Grizz Nation leader?

“Being a leader on campus, it’s our responsibility to get people out to games and get people excited and spread the word about stuff going on.”

Why would you encourage people to come out to games who normally wouldn’t come out to games?

“I feel like games are a really good place to meet people and it’s good for your social and mental health. Rather than sitting at home on a Friday night, you have a game to get excited with your family. It’s a good bonding experience.”

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