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Sofia Baumgartner

Stryder Munoz

How has your experience as a leader been so far?

“As a leader it’s actually been a lot more fun because you’d expect the pressure to be a little big but once you get out there you realize that you’re there for the kids … and you’re doing your best to make everyone have a better high school experience.”

What inspired you to become a Grizz nation leader?

“Looking at last year’s leaders you get to see how they do what’s best for the kids’ experience as far as enjoying high school. It’s cool to be in control and let your passion for trying to have a good time in high school bleed over to the kids that maybe are just looking at what the other kids are doing. If you are a leader you get a chance to maybe influence the kids who wouldn’t have had as much fun.”

Have you ever had an experience where you have felt extremely supported playing football if so can you tell me a quick story.

“I would say the most heartfelt experience would be when my dad whistles really loud when I’m playing. He’s got a very specific whistle so I could hear it and I’ll turn to the stands and see him and my family – I think that would be the biggest moments.”

Why do you encourage students to join Grizz nation who wouldn’t normally?

“It’s super important because if you think about it there’s only so many guaranteed games for every sport. You are never going to get the moments back because it’s high school and … it’s the one moment where you’re still a kid but you still get to be a part of these structured events. You are never going to get these moments back where you get to be with your friends. You’ll get to have a much more fun experience than just staying home.”

What does being a Grizz Nation leader mean to you?

“To me, it means a way to lead by example as far as being a high school student who really cares about everyone and supports everyone, and is looking to have positive experiences at high school instead of just going through the motions and not helping out people or just worrying about yourself. I think its more of being involved with your school and really caring about everyone.”

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