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With people staying at home due to the shelter in place mandate, many turn to Netflix for entertainment. Here are the top five romantic comedy movies that Netflix has to offer.

Netflix Picks: Mar. 19


The Umbrella Academy

“The Umbrella Academy,” a Netflix original show, follows a far from ordinary modern day family of gifted adults. In the show there are seven now adults that were born with special powers each unlike the other. After childhood the adults are brought back together due to their fathers unexpected death, and are forced to go on adventures to save the world. This new and modern television show allows views to see a mix of a classic superhero story mixed with family drama.



Shameless, a show with an ongoing nine seasons, is a great show for avid Netflix watchers to binge. The show is about a impoverished dysfunctional family that lives in the Southside of  Chicago. This show gives watchers an insight into life in Chicago with a bustling family of all ages and personalities. Each episode is filled to the brim with drama, partying, family bonding, and comedy, none of which disappoint.

Pixar Animation Studios

The Incredibles 2

If you’re ever in need of a break from the all too serious movies and shows on Netflix, look no further than “Incredibles 2.” This adventure packed movie can bring the whole family together for movie night or just a lonely movie session. The movie, a sequel to the first “Incredibles,” did a great job following up the highly accredited. Overall the movie while it can be a thriller at some points can make any bad day into a good one.

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