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  A ‘hypebeast’ is a person who could be described in many ways, someone who keeps up with trends, or as someone who enjoys making social statements with their clothes.

  People that fall into this category are often seen wearing or selling  expensive designer clothing in their daily lives. ‘Hypebeasts,’ mainly advertise themselves on online platforms rather than in real life, however some students at Granite Bay High School are open about the craft.

  Junior Dillion Clements, who prefers to be called an entrepreneur rather than a ‘hypebeast,’ has been buying and selling designer items for many years, however it’s not just the look of a brand that he takes into consideration when buying them.

  “I buy designer clothes because they’re not made in a sweatshop,” Clements said, “most of these brands are designed to support charities instead of being produced solely for profit.”

  To many, being a conscious consumer is apart of rebuilding the planets humanity by fighting fast fashion.

  The look and cost of the clothes also contribute to a buyers urgency to buy an item.

  “I like buying and reselling brands like Off White, Yeezys, and Gucci,” junior Connor Williams said.

  The exclusivity of a brand is an important factor to consider for a person reselling designer clothes. Whether or not the item is unique and appealing determines how much profit a person can make.

  “To me buying clothes is an investment,” Dillon Clements said, “I buy clothes that I perceive to be iconic, now and in the future.”

  Reselling clothes is the educated path of action when becoming a ‘hypebeast,’ as it is an easy way to make a profit from doing practically nothing.

  “I’ve made a good amount of money,” Clements said, “ I can’t say an exact number but my profits are within the quintuple digits.”

  Besides ‘hypebeasts’ like Connor Williams and Dillion Clements, who find it lucrative to buy and sell designer clothes, some ‘hypebeasts’ prefer to wear and enjoy the clothes.

  “I buy more exclusive clothes because i like the brands and think they look cool,” junior Mason Lester said, “I typically buy the street wear versions of clothes instead of the really expensive ones.”

  Clothing and fashion is an inclusive hobby for people of all ages, and holds no boundaries.

  “Whether someone is buying the clothes just to wear them, or buying them with intentions of reselling them,” sophomore Sam Crawford said, “‘hypebeast’ culture is something to be proud of and something more people should think about.”

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