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How has your experience as a Grizz Nation leader been so far?

“So far it’s been really fun. I enjoy including everyone and trying to get everyone to go to games and activities that we are doing for Grizz Nation. It’s fun having Mr. Healy as our mentor and teaching us how to do stuff around campus and how to include everyone. And my other leaders are awesome so that’s really good.”

Has there ever been an experience where you have felt extremely supported and can you tell me a quick story?

“Last year we were in the section championship. We were playing against Rio Americano at Cosumnes River College which was an hour drive and a lot of people from our school showed up and that … made us feel like we were supported because the fact that people drove an hour on at school night at 8 p.m. – that was really good for us and made us feel supported.”

Why do you guys encourage people to join Grizz Nation during a sports game who wouldn’t usually join?

“It’s a way for you to get out there and enjoy your time. We preach inclusivity so we want everyone to be there to possibly make new friends and feel that you’re welcome and you’re loved. Even though at times some people might not feel that, you’re always loved and welcomed in Grizz Nation.”

What does it mean to be a Grizz Nation leader?

“I feel like people take it out of context and think that being a Grizz Nation leader means you’re untouchable and you can do whatever you want, but I feel like it’s the opposite. We’re supposed to be perfect examples for people, we need to be nice to people which we mostly are, we need to make people feel welcome even when we aren’t feeling welcome at all. So we all have to set a high bar and a high example for everyone else.”

What legacy do you hope to leave behind not only for Granite Bay High School, but for the next generations of Grizz Nation leaders?

“I hope to let everyone know they are always welcomed, you’re always loved regardless of who you are and regardless of what you do … and how you go about your life. There’s always people to love you and people to welcome you. So I just want to leave a legacy where everyone feels welcomed, everyone feels included regardless of how they are as a person.”

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