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The Class of 2019 is ready to take their place in the world, and those who have watched and nurtured them for four years are prepared to say good-bye.

Class of 2019 leaves the bubble

As the school year comes to a close, the Class of 2019 looks toward a new horizon free from Granite Bay High’s safety net, while also reminiscing about their high school careers

Many of those Granite Bay High seniors who will walking across the graduation stage in a week with a diploma in their hands have lived their lives up until this point free of worry from sever financial hardship, discrimination or physical harm due to the safety provided by the community.

It is a common theme for Granite Bay students to romanticize the idea of leaving the same community, not caring where end up but being just as eager to leave. What many of these students don’t account for is the shock of not just living independently, but facing some of the hardships that were once foreign to them.

“I personally have a harder time adapting to change so it will be hard at first,” senior Brayden Schauer said.

Though this change is daunting, some seniors are ready to take it head on.

“I can’t wait to meet new people and get away from the bubble experience,” senior TJ Robertson said.

Teachers applaud the ambitious attitude, saying it is the best way to face such a drastic change.

“The class of 2019 may be stronger than we imagine,” said Advanced Placement English Language teacher Shannon McCann. “They may even surprise themselves.”

It is not uncommon for those in the graduating class of 2019, born in 2000 and 2001 to have already heard somewhat shameful rhetoric about their generation–usually pertaining to the theme of “being handed everything they’ve ever owned” or being a “soft generation.”

“Those of seasoned generations turn to the phrase ‘Kids these days,’ and end on some generalization about how they didn’t get their driver’s license on the day they turned 16 like we did, or get jobs as quickly as we did,” McCann said.

McCann said that she believes these shallow perspectives are far from the truth.

“I hope this class does not feel as if they were raised in a bubble, because as a mom of a child born in 2000, I can assure you the last 18 years has been anything but easy,” McCann said.

The class of 2019 may be stronger than we imagine. They may even surprise themselves.

— Shannon McCann

Although seniors are overwhelmingly excited to leave the bubble, and have the world at their fingertips, they realize their final moments together are fleeting before splitting off in over 500 different direction and career pathways.

“There’s no other time in your life like high school,” Schauer said. “You get to do thing with your friends without adult supervision, but you also don’t have the responsibilities of an adult because you’re living under your parents’ roof. I’m definitely going to miss that – because when you’re living on your own, you don’t have anyone to take care of you.”

Graduates are also reminiscing about one of the defining aspects of high school – sports events.

“I’m definitely doing to miss all the sports events –cheering with the friend I grew up with at football and basketball games were experiences I will never forget,” senior Brad Roe said.

Although some resent the suburban middle-class community they have been raised in because of its lack of diversity and sheltering culture, others –looking back– are grateful for the opportunities for growth and security Granite Bay and GBHS have provided for them.

“I appreciate growing up in a place where I didn’t have to deal with a lot of struggle,” Robertson said.

The adults who were able to watch the class of 2019 develop are nothing short of proud of their growth.

“Over the four years, they managed through defeats and eventually celebrated victories,” McCann said. “They grew into young adults, and like most adults, they learned how to take their lumps– but more importantly, they learned to enjoy the ride.”

Just eight days from walking across the stage and finishing the last few words in this chapter of their lives, the graduating senior are each ready to embark on their own journeys and begin a new chapter.

“Once they are truly independent,” McCann said, “They will show us what they’ve got.”

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