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February 19, 2019


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  First it was Tide Pods. Then it was Juul Pods. Now, it’s AirPods. (Thank you to the unknown Twitter user for that joke.)

  Ever since their debut in 2016, the infamous AirPods have taken the world by storm.

  Specifically around the end of 2018 was when these innovative ear accessories really began to make their mark on society.

  But the burning question still lasts… are they worth it?

  Before I start, let me preface with this: I sent out 10 interview requests to collect information from the Granite Bay student body about the truth behind AirPods. And you know what I got in return? One of them told me they couldn’t hear me with their AirPods in.

  So do with that information what you will.

  Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The wire.

  Perhaps the most important part of AirPods themselves, the non-existent wire, is truly what makes or breaks a person.

  The most charismatic, admired person could walk into a room, but the moment that wire is spotted… it’s over for them. The AirPods community has already destroyed their self-esteem beyond repair.

  There’s just something about that wire that can change a person’s aura entirely.

  Along with the tangible features of AirPods, they also carry with them a huge social aspect.

Legend has it that the second those AirPods enter your ear, you are granted access to an entire community of what most would say, clout.”

— Lindsey Zabell

  Legend has it that the second those AirPods enter your ear, you are granted access to an entire community of what most would say, clout.

  People with AirPods seem to be placed on a higher level than us regular headphone users.

  I’m sure by now I have you all completely convinced that you just HAVE to go to the nearest Apple Store and secure a pair of these bad boys, right?

  But wait, there’s more.

  The $160 damage to your bank account.

  That daunting price tag is the thing that holds many of us back from entering the AirPods community.

  There are several things you could spend $160 on. A pair of concert tickets, 160 items from the Dollar Tree or even 1/74873th of an iPhone X.

  All in all, when it really comes down to it, the choice to buy AirPods is yours.

  AirPods in, Lindsey out.

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Lindsey Zabell, Senior Editor

Lindsey is a senior, and this is her second year on the Gazette/ staff. She is a Senior Editor.

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