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2017-18 Year


Karl Grubaugh
McKenna Aram, Katie Cologna, Brayden Johnk, Stephanie Kang, and Sabina Mahavni







The Grizzly Gazette started in 1997-98; adviser Kay Bacharach and editors Alicia Parlette and Andrew Reeves led a one-term class that produced two editions of a single-section tabloid newspaper.

Adviser Karl Grubaugh arrived at GBHS in the fall of 1998, and the Gazette dropped the Grizzly and switched to a broadsheet format under the direction of editors Dianna Jung and Alicia Parlette.

In the next four years, under the leadership of Grubaugh and editors Alicia Parlette and Ali Wood (1999-2000), Bryan Early and Jesse Garton (2000-2001), Ashley Keneller and Vanitha Virudachalam (2001-2002) and Jeff Katz, Emily Inouye and Kimber Holt (2002-2003), the Gazette grew into a multi-section broadsheet, including Green Screen, a tabloid entertainment section.

Lisa Olmo became adviser in 2003-04, and the co-editors-in-chief were Sara Lebastchi, Scott Hollingshead and Tim Bardet. Olmo and Kevin Wherry were the advisers in 2004-05, and the editors were Gian Cretarlo and Niketa Brar.

Grubaugh returned in the fall of 2005, and the editors were Meegan Brooks and Dena Fehrenbacher. In 2006-07, Caitlin Chang and Lauren Snelgrove were the co-editors-in-chief. In 2007-08, it was Juliana Fehrenbacher and Amy Holiday. In 2008-09, it was Paige Xu, Kealy Jaynes and Lauren Grubaugh. In 2009-10, it was Joseph Mullen, Teresa Palkowski and Kurt Chirbas.

In 2010-11, it was Katie Zingheim, Alison Sale, Parker Evans and Jessica Reese who led the way. In 2011-12, Jessica Reese, Shannon Carroll, Kyle Pawlak and Rachael Vasquez led the way. In 2012-13, it was Lena Eyen, Nicole Bales, Chris Pei and Haley Massara, with help from Chase Evans and Kristin Taylor.

In 2013-14, it was Cait Hurley, Kiana Okhovat, Alexa Zogopoulos and Sydney Kahmann. In 2014-15, it was Akash Khosla, Colleen Vivaldi, Tamren Johnk and Neha Kompella. In 2015-16, it was Savitri Asokan, Hannah Holzer and Troy Pawlak.

In 2016-2017, it was Cole Kahmann, Surina Khurana, Carissa Lewis, Anjali Shrivastava and Hannah Xu.

This year, it’s McKenna Aram, Katie Cologna, Brayden Johnk, Stephanie Kang, and Sabina Mahavni.

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