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The logo for Michelle Tus business -- Tu sells handmade scrunchies.

Scrunchies sold are way Tu cute

Angelina Kolosey, Feature editor
December 18, 2018

 It is part of human nature for people to use resources and ideas they have in order to improve the world in any way, shape or form.   Granite...

Senior Faye Miller cheering on the sideline of a GBHS varsity football game

Cheerleaders wave goodbye to basketball season

Kabe Teague, online editor
December 13, 2018

 As the stunt season approaches, the cheer team is looking forward to a combination of fun and success. This year however, they won’t be leading chants...

Commentary: Your personal space may be holding you back

Commentary: Your personal space may be holding you back

Sarah Withrow, voices editor
December 12, 2018

  Personal space is an important defense mechanism used subconsciously to steer us away from danger – but is also a flexible and not always dependable...

Are the dances on the GBHS campus losing support?

Dying dances

Emerson Ford, staff writer
December 11, 2018

  It is a known fact that Granite Bay High School students often wrestle with the decision on whether to attend school events especially dances. Dances...

A graph representing the suspension rates of different groups

GBHS suspension rates decline sharply

Elliott Hyman, news editor
December 10, 2018

  Suspensions have been an integral part of Granite Bay High School’s disciplinary process for the 20 years it has been open, but a simple question...

A Christmas tree bringing the spirit of the holidays into a familys home

Real vs. fake trees

Maya Snow, Staff writer
December 7, 2018

  The question that always pops up around Christmas time  ethically is - what is the better option real, or artificial trees?   Fake trees are...

Senior Hannah Coons and her brother enjoy a day on the slopes.

Skiing vs. snowboarding

Sidney Stipanovich, sports editor
December 6, 2018

 A cold white sea floods the mountain, submerging everything in its path in a thick powder. The icy sting of the wind whips through the air as the lifts...

Sydney Sewell

Commentary: The secret to gift giving

Sydney Sewell, photo editor
December 5, 2018

  This holiday season, some may wonder what the best gift for their loved one is. Some may even wonder if it is worth spending a months savings or more...

Students in the cafeteria sit in separate groups with their friends. Granite Bay High School has been accused of having a lot of cliques. However, some students feel as though that it might not be as prevalent.

Students observe cliques in the school environment

Kabe Teague, online editor
December 4, 2018

Cliques, although thought to be a cliché about high school, could very well be a problem that exists on the Granite Bay High School campus currently. ...

Honors Chemistry – a class favored by many students – is being dropped in order to make room for curriculum changes.

Science department braces for upcoming coursework changes

Andrew Yung, co-editor-in-chief
December 3, 2018

  Three years ago, high schools across California changed their math curriculums to Common Core, bringing in Integrated Math and ditching the traditional...

The grants supplied by the NRA comes in the form of ammunition

NRA Foundation grant funds trap team

Emily Hansen, sports editor
November 29, 2018

  The National Rifle Association: the name has been in headlines across the nation because of its controversial policies as a staunchly conservative...

Bella Khor

Commentary: Music comes in ALL languages

Bella Khor, staff writer
November 28, 2018

  Wow, this is so sad. Alexa, play “Despacito.”   I've seen this meme and heard it a countless number of times across a variety of social...

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