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#SELFIE Stopping to snap a quick selfie, freshmen Tanvi Yadlapalli, Anvita 
Gattani, and Sienna Unter are all smiles as they enjoy a backpack-free first day of school. This year, school started with a special 20th anniversary celebration that included rallies, meetings, and best of all, no backpacks! “I liked it because you didn’t have to stress that much on the first day of school”, Yadlapalli said. “But I still brought a handbag to put my lunch and phone in.” Photo by Frances Strnad

Photo Gallery: Back to School, August 2015

Bernadette Cranmer
August 21, 2015
LONG CONVERSATIONS While freshman Chance Vano was waiting to get picked up at 3:00 after school, he shows sophomore Maria Burgos the youtube video, “If Google was a Girl”. Even though Vano stayed after school everyday until 3:30, he didn’t really mind. “For the most part I like it, because I get to have those long conversations that dive deeper and deeper into stupidity and it’s really fun,” Vano said. Photo by Selena De La Torre

Photo Gallery: The Week at GB, 5-1-15

Bernadette Cranmer
May 6, 2015
CHIT CHAT:  Although freshmen Carissa dela Cruz and Amy Hung had to leave soon, they waited and talked to each other before their rides showed up. “Taking the time to catch up with friends is important and laughing together makes the day better,” dela Cruz said. After talking about the English book they were reading in class, the two friends split up and went home. Photo by Lindsay Withrow

Photo Gallery – The Week at GB, 4-24-15

Bernadette Cranmer
April 26, 2015
HARDWORKING ART: In Mr. Ron Owens ceramics class, junior Bailey Bradford smooths out the edges of her box. Bradford wanted to make it look nice since she will have it for a long time. “I take as much time as I need so I can get my best quality work,” Bradford said. Photo by Nishita Fernandes

Photo Gallery: This Week at GB, 4-14-15

Bernadette Cranmer
April 17, 2015
Sharing the same paint bucket, sophomores Kiana Abrigana and Marisa Wong paints a pillar after school at 2:45 on April 9. Along with the rest of the National Honors Society (NHS) club, they were priming two of the school pillars. “The project is called ‘Paint a Pillar’ and we will be painting everyday except Saturday and we should be done on Monday” said Sophomore Marisa Wong. Photo by Nishita Fernandes

Photo Gallery: The week at GB, 4-7-15

Bernadette Cranmer
April 13, 2015
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